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Make your business intuitive and smarter

We amalgamate the best feature of both the digital technologies and physical world to transform businesses. Our innovative products, enable brands to connect with consumers, both in-store and online simultaneously, to drive customer engagement, product experimentation, sharing and transaction.

Trusted by 50+ Brands in Asia, Europe and Middle East

What You Want

Digital Transformation

Transform your business by optimising the process digitally.  Forbes says that 76% of companies are investing in emerging technologies.

Phygital Engagement

Whether you would like to augment your brand and product into the physical world (AR solutions), or you would like to create a  whole new world of wonder (VR solutions), we can make it a reality.


Forget the plain old e-commerce, now we are moving towards integrated commerce, enabling commerce via packaging, video calling, mobile apps, and even in-store digital shopping.


Gamification is actually a whole new game to engage, retain, and even acquire new customers.  Gamification allows you to amplify actions, identify influencers, and drive sales.

What We Deliver

One Touch Ordering

Research has shown that by eliminating unnecessary steps between a consumer selecting a product and making the payment, companies can reduce abandonment rate by 21%. Our one-touch ordering solutions, transform the cumbersome and obsolete online buying process into a user-friendly and seamless experience.


E-commerce is no longer limited to websites, now commerce is happening via video calls, in AR and VR interfaces, on mobile apps, and even via product packaging.  Our technovators are always tinkering in the lab with cutting edge technology to keep you ahead of the herd.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are your window into the most expensive real-estate in the world.  Yes you guessed it right, your consumer’s mobile phone.  Our team of experts provide thorough research and support to help you build an app that’s worthy of being in your consumer’s phone.


Its not about having that Jazzy website alone any more, websites are the new gateway to your business, most probably before landing into your store, your customer has already been to your website.  To make that first impression right, your website needs to have the speed of light, clear communication, and a wow impression.  Our team has delivered websites that are functional, clean, and a breeze to surf on.

Augmented Reality

Most of the people have this hiccup while shopping online is, how the product will look and feel in the real world?  They are unable to imagine, thus unable to decide.  With our AR solutions, you can help them visualise your products in their own environment. 71% of shoppers are likely to shop more often if they are offered augmented reality.

Virtual Reality

Our VR (Virtual Reality) solutions empower brands to create a whole new immersive world meant exclusively for your customers and you.  A place where you can bend time and break all the rules of physics to impress and motivate your consumers.  We can help you build that whole new world.


Traditional retailers are slowly adopting this game-changing trend which has been popular with e-commerce players for some time now. It provides them with the opportunity to interact with the customers on a lighter note through contests, reward points, challenges with friends, role- playing and more.  It helps you improve brand loyalty as well as retention.




How We Deliver

AI Chat Bot
Ecommerce Websites
Custom CMS Websites
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
New Retail

One touch ordering can help you reduce your abandonment rate by more than 21%.


Our in-house Social Content Management platform that helps you plan and visualise your content in advance and in style.


Negativity brings down your immune system, Newsum is positive only global news platform.


V-commerce or video call commerce is an immersive way to bridge the gap between physical and digital.  With V-commerce people get the confidence of physical stores and the comfort of e-commerce, a winning combination to make more sales for you.


How much does it cost to build your own app?

Building an app is like building a building, your cost would depend upon the number of rooms (pages) , the gadgets  (features), and the location (ios/android)