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A 5-step process that helps us make the launch bang to heard farther and louder.

  1. Conducting Research
    Clarity on strategies, goals, visions, and values
    Interviewing key management
    Analyse existing research
    Understand stakeholders
    Conduct marketing, competitive, technology, legal, and language audits.
  2. Clarifying Strategy
    Accumulate and synthesise learnings
    Clarify brand strategy
    Develop a positioning platform
    Create brand attributes
    Develop key messages
    Write an outstanding brand brief
    Create a naming strategy
    Write a creative brief
  3. Designing identity
    Present the future (Visually)
    Brainstorm big idea
    Design brand identity system
    Explore key applications
    Finalise brand architecture
    Present visual strategy
    Achieve agreement
  4. Creating touch-points
    Finalise identity design
    Visualise look and feel
    Enable trademark protection
    Prioritise applications
    Design integrated systems
    Apply brand architecture
  5. Managing assets
    Build synergy around the new brand
    Develop launch strategy and plan
    Launch internally first
    Launch externally
    Develop standards, guidelines, and playbook
    Nurture brand championship
    Establish authority and equity