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This is one trend catching up like wild-fire. With businesses longing to crack ridiculously high growth numbers, growth hackers like us have picked up the pace. We focus solely on strategies related to boost the growth of the business.


Hypothesizing, prioritizing and testing the strategies also form an important aspect of the whole process. The cherry on top being the process is comparatively cheaper. Simple strategies like creating an exclusiveness of the product that is, it is being used only by a certain class of people or creating an image that projects the product is usable for all, more and more potential audiences can be converted into followers and hence boost the growth numbers.


To quote a few well-known examples of successful growth hacking campaigns we have,  

Dropbox, that rewards existing users for inviting new ones with additional storage and AirBnB, which used Craigslist to find and market to people looking for affordable accommodation.

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