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Make your business intuitive and smarter

We amalgamate the best feature of both the digital technologies and physical world to transform businesses. Our innovative products, enable brands to connect with consumers, both in-store and online simultaneously, to drive customer engagement, product experimentation, sharing and transaction.

What We Deliver

AI Powered Digital Products

Enhance customer experience by transitioning to digital solutions that are AI(Artificial Intelligence) powered. It enables brands to personalize their communication with the consumers and make product recommendations  based on an individual buying behavior, which consumers are more likely to purchase.

One Touch Ordering

Research has shown that by eliminating unnecessary steps between a consumer selecting a product and making the payment, companies can significantly reduce the bounce rate. Our one-touch ordering solutions, transform the cumbersome and obsolete online buying process into a user-friendly and seamless experience.

NPL Chatbots

In today's fast-face lives, consumers are looking for instant solutions. If companies are unable to provide seamless services and prompt responses to their consumers, they are most likely to deflect away to competitors. Our NLP(Natural Language Processing) boats enable digital devices to determine the intent of the input from the users and provide responses. It gives a human touch to the conversation, making it personal and practical.

Custom CMS Website

Our custom CMS(Content Management System) solutions provide companies with rich content, high performance and flexibility. These solutions are best suited to meet the business needs of large companies and small enterprises that aspire to grow.

Hybrid Mobile App

Don’t waste your resources to develop multiple mobile apps for android and iOS platforms. We create apps that run seamlessly on both platforms; providing you with the flexibility to spend your resources on other productive business activities.

How We Deliver

We amalgamate the best feature of the physical world and digital technologies such as interaction, personal touch, immediacy, immersion, and speed to deliver a superb customer experience, resulting in:

Agumented Realty

We enable people to visualise the product virtually in the real-world environment, by blending the elements of the digital world, like dazzling visual overlays and consumer feedbacks. It expedites consumers buying decisions, positively impacting sales and customer experience.

Virtual Reality

Our VR (Virtual Reality) solutions empower brands to present their products or services to prospective customers in the virtual world. It facilitates brands to engage with customers and provide an immersive experience by connecting them directly with a service or product they offer.

Proximity Advertising

The probability of acquiring a customer increases significantly if an individual is engaged while they are close to the physical location of the business. We have the technology and a proven track record of helping brands achieve this goal.


Traditional retailers are slowly adopting this game-changing trend which is quite popular among e-commerce players. It provides them with the opportunity to interact with the customers on a lighter note through contests, reward points, challenges with friends, role- playing and more.

Face Recognition Surveillance

Shoplifting on average accounts for 30% to 40% of reported shrink in the retail industry. Face recognition surveillance could help

companies significantly cut these losses.  In an ear, where companies operate on a razor-sharp profit margin, use of technology to cut losses is not an option, but a necessity.

Our Solutions

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