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Most of us might recollect from school or college that there was a significant amount of focus to perform the experiment to remember the theory, rather than just memorizing it. The approach is simple – as humans tend to remember and trust things that they’ve experienced

And this is why experiential marketing. It endows great power to your campaign. To always hit the bull’s eye we have our own set of rules:

We begin with setting clear goals and outcomes

Define the ways to measure these

Exhaustively research to identify your target market

Curate a creative, exciting and impactful activation

Research ways to maximize online engagement through multiple channels

These are followed to ensure that the essence of experiential marketing is not lost. Moreover, we aim to distinguish this form from the PR stunts and strategies that are often used to grab the eyeballs. One such amazing examples is Orangina. To quote the exact aim of the campaign, 


‘It debuted a clever vending machine that tricks buyers into thinking that their drinks are stuck. 

Once users discover that their drink is unfortunately stuck, the machine prompts them to shake the machine. The vending machine, itself, is built on a swiveling base to make it safe and easy for its users to shake the machine.​


Once the machine is shaken to a certain intensity, it dispenses the beverage.


The goal of the advertising campaign was to remind users that the pulpy, orange-flavored drink needs to be properly shaken to ensure that it is sufficiently mixed. The campaign was accompanied with the tagline “Shake the World.”’

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