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How Can Your Business Benefit from Facebook Live

What is Facebook Live?

It is a feature of Facebook that uses the phone camera to broadcast real-time video on Facebook.

The Success Story of TechCrunch News & Media through Facebook Live

TechCrunch was the first major media conference to be broadcast in full on Facebook Live.

Their social media team had three goals:

– To expose a new audience to TechCrunch

– To help the existing audience to that could not attend the conference

– To send new and returning users to TechCrunch for expanded coverage

They saw incredible success with 5,00,000 views coming on live video, in addition to record levels of unique visitors to TechCrunch.com

From text to images and videos to live streaming, content has had a particular lifespan around engagement. Brands continue to engage audiences faster and more effectively. And now plenty of brands are starting to use Facebook Live for business.

But, is this type of content truly for your business? Social media stories and Facebook Live are the big players which reach the core audience.

Listed below are 7 benefits where brands have benefited from the use of Facebook Live.

1.  Provide Unique Content

Research from various sources discovered 81% of internet users said they watched more live streaming content in the current year rather than a year prior.

 Your audience is already there, but brands have to use social media to push   new content.

By implementing Facebook Live in your content strategy, you provide an   instant, real-time source of content for viewers that’s like nothing else.

The biggest problem is coming up with content your audience actually   wants to watch it’s smart to plan out your live content.

2. Cost-Effective Video Strategy

It doesn’t matter who you are, brands always look to cost-effective strategies when it comes to social media marketing.

Most users enjoy the live-action and unedited approach to Live videos. Which means you don’t need a fancy camera, set design or editing skills.

Facebook is all about living in the moment.

Simply use a smartphone to post content to your Facebook Live Feed. On the other hand, don’t let a low-budget appeal awaken the quality of your content.

That means while recording might be cost-effective, you still need to provide content viewers will actually want to watch.

The last thing you would want to do is reveal a major product update, service or company news.

Instead, try to use the live video to highlight small wins, company outings, your employees.

3. Creates More Excitement Around Product Release

  To continue the previous tip, Facebook Live can be used for many special events, but not for all of them.

One event in particular where we see success from Facebook Live for business    is with hyping product releases.

If you correctly hype your live videos, customers will come back to see updated    or get more news on the release.

4. Better Connect With Your Audience Directly

One of the best benefits of using Facebook Live for business is it’s the personal approach to content.

Many brands use Facebook Live just as a quick Q&A session.

What’s even more telling is 90% of millennials and 79% of baby boomers say answering social media questions is cool instead of annoying.

This means you have to put in the effort to respond and engage with your audience.








5. Increase Awareness Around Community Events

Facebook is a great network to promote community events and other discussions. If you’re looking to use Facebook Live, a great introduction could state with promoting a community event.

Promoting events gatherings or groups can be difficult for brands because of the constant updates.

However, Facebook Live presents opportunities to discuss the upcoming events with others to get them on board.

6. Drives More Traffic To Your Facebook Page

Another benefit to Facebook Live is it can be a true source of traffic for your page.

Live videos simply dive more engagement and if you promote your content well, it could keep users coming back.

7. Real-Time Engagement

Facebook live gives you the benefit of seeing real-time engagement. If you are worried about whether or not a specific piece of content will perform. Facebook Live could be a great testing spot.

Track your Facebook Live video engagement metrics by noting likes, reactions, shares, mentions, and comments.

Facebook insights provides this after you’ve completed your stream, but having the data shown in real time can help your content strategy.

For example, you could ask questions like:

  • Were there enough comments to garner a Q&A
  • Did users like a section of your video more so than another?
  • Did anyone comment after the video ended?
  • How did Live compare to other Facebook content?
  • How many new followers have you gained since using Live?

While all these questions are important, it’s a time-consuming effort to track and monitor these statistics on the native platform.

Have you used Facebook Live for your business yet?