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Only with a constant and consistent participation of your fans and members with your business can you drive loyalty and build your brand. A loyalty program must be engaging so as to bring repeat business thereby increasing revenues. A successful business is the one that focuses on existing active users along with signing up new ones.

What you could overcome with SR

As research has it, 2012 saw a rise in loyalty program members however the problem was lesser people redeeming their rewards. This shows that overall participation in consumer loyalty programs is declining despite the increase in total membership.

The fact is that businesses don’t realize that their loyalty programs may seem boring or unnecessary at times. This is mainly because there is an error in analyzing user data and gauging what your buyer behavior is like. This often leads to a misaligned program for your fans.

With the SR app, your business could avoid this situation. Having an “easy to use” Mobile App for your business lets you drive participation and gather information about your fans and loyalty members. The SR app can deliver a combined technology with geo location based, personalized push notifications. It can also present personalized content to consumers no matter where they are or what they are doing. This enables the delivery of a superior experience on an ongoing basis that nurtures customers.

SoLoMo – With the SR App you target the essence of the consumers behavior and with smartphone technologies you can gather data from different social media platforms. SR App gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors by building associated services into the app to add value for your customers.

Creating a powerful and engaging loyalty program that is effective is made easier with SocialRecharge. The loyalty program integrated with your SocialRecharge custom mobile App will let you track all registrations, and you can build targeted loyalty marketing campaigns. You can instantly reward your customers through the integrated program as well.