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Facebook Apps and Mobile Apps development company Social Cloud Venture Pvt. Ltd. serving its user with it optimize development solution. We are the pioneer in android application, web development, and high end mobile software solution. Social Cloud Venture is fully accomplished with application developer and digital business marketing arena.
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Mobility – At Social Cloud, strategy starts from the END. It’s the END that gives us a beginning. We visualize the end GOAL of your business, break it up into small tasks to make it real and achievable, we endeavor to make it all possible!

Online Marketing

Custom Hybrid Apps

We all understand what Online Marketing means and clearly we are not going to explain the definitions to you. What Social Cloud will do is take you to that dimension of online marketing, which is of utmost importance to you. HOW? When we come on board, we create and sustain effective relationships with your audience. We believe that creating an environment that generates a strong recall and brand value is what guides your business through the toughest of times. With great commitment and focus, we deliver content effectively online. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could create an environment that your customers love and you magically get what you want, effortlessly! Our Online Internet marketing offerings include Social Media Marketing, Internet advertising, Search Engine Marketing, email marketing. Remember, it’s only the BEST that matters! The Internet marketing space is ever changing, new trends coming each day, more people participating every hour and more competitors accompany you in the race. BE THERE!

Web Apps & E-Commerce

Well, we get that realizing your idea means more than just Marketing it. What a business needs is to be available and accessible no matter where, when and ANYHOW!! E-commerce is a common term floating around everywhere but nothing is as simple as it may seem. We understand your business and craft a way for you and your specific business needs & objectives in the E-commerce space.  E-commerce has the potential of connecting your business to the entire world and if you are still unaware of this potential we welcome you aboard. And to let you in on a little secret, Electronic commerce is more than just shopping online; it could be anything from transferring funds between 2 parties, to exchanging goods or services and also data between a business and a consumer.

E- commerce
Social Media Monitoring

Enterprise Mobility

Although E-commerce is also an activity that takes place on the WEB however while strategizing the WEB has an array of services to offer. The web is spread all over and we are all in it! We use technology in almost everything we do, probably you are using it now to read this but identifying what suits you and your business best is the catch! Web technology pertains to the interface between the web and its client. Through markup language, programs, the web server connects with its clients. Technology can help your business be MORE! Facebook Apps, HTML, CSS3, Mobile responsive websites, other web services (APIs, ecommerce engine) are all just a fragment of the options before you.

Business Intelligence

Communication is the most imperative part for any thing, whether an interview, or while you are buying something you need and similarly for your business. A strategy would fall weak if it is not accompanied by visionary communication and strong thoughts. Whether you wish to launch a product or announce an event or just let people know what’s on your mind, communication is KEY! Planning communication, creating content and delivering quality is at the heart of Social Cloud. We believe that one word has the power of making or breaking a dream. Think of something and we will execute it for you. We respect space, confidentiality and authenticity! We stay with you from the very start of your idea to the time it is executed and deployed.