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Facebook Apps and Mobile Apps development company Social Cloud Venture Pvt. Ltd. serving its user with it optimize development solution. We are the pioneer in android application, web development, and high end mobile software solution. Social Cloud Venture is fully accomplished with application developer and digital business marketing arena.
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Mobile and Social Commerce – MoSoCo a rather fast spreading phenomenon. Whether it’s sharing feedback with friends or getting to know about the deals running on your products, SocialRecharge will facilitate everything.
Sharing through SR

With your SocialRecharge custom mobile app, you can encourage sharing amongst your fans and their network. The sharing enables broadcasting product info that further influences purchase for your product. The SR mobile App enables sharing on Social media and displaying likes and interests of fans to their communities, options to tweet and pin them as well.

Promotions through SR

With push notifications and other features, the SR app lets you inform all the Mobile App users about the latest deals happening and probably options to redeem vouchers and coupons that you provide them. This saves them time and brings a positive emotion for the product and business.

Reviews through SR

Although in the beginning it might seem a little unnecessary but reviews and feedback are a fundamental part of any business, to improve grow and be liked!! With SR your business mobile app you could incorporate ratings and reviews for your product as well.

Possibility of Payment through SR

The SR app can facilitate MoSoCo for both its members as well as merchants. There is the opportunity for members to redeem their reward points as well. A simple scan of the bar code of the product and the transaction is made. With the SR app your business cn drive both purchase and loyalty.

Putting it all together, the Social Recharge App provides an opportunity to integrate social commerce shop with in this app. The social commerce shop is also extended in the native mobile app and prepares your brand fully for the social and mobile commerce for your product and services.